An Oath, A Truth & Lessons in Solitude

And so, in a haze, I throw myself, seething and sky clad,  into the deepest rituals. A heart full of devotion to those who come forward when I call. My only reprieve from the deep loneliness my human form so often experiences, but a total reprieve it is. 

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The Girl with The Golden Hair

Deeply I dove into my practice.  So much so I was wondering is all those hits of LSD had finally caught up to me.  I was really losing it, I probably (definitely) appeared crazy to those on the outside, but I HAD to get lost in order to find myself (oh heyyy, now there a reoccurring theme for my whole life thus far!).  I spent hours and hours in deep journey.  I finally found my place on the Holy Mound and that’s where I saw her. 

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The Devil I Know

I walked into the forest once, as a baby witch, in search of Him.  Naivety perhaps lead me there, along with desire.  But also, a call.

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