Blood Of The Serpent - The Primal Fire

"Of all that is written, I love only what a person hath written with his blood. Write with blood, and thou wilt find that blood is spirit." ~ Nietzche


As Above So Below, As Within, So Without.

 We all are very familiar with this line. But how deep do we really recognize that it goes?

 Allow me to expand your mind. Prepare yourself for what I’m about to say with as clear and open of a mind as you can. Allow yourself to digest what you are about to learn. Savor it, let it roll around on your tongue a bit before you digest if fully.

The blood that runs through the veins of you and I, is Spirit. It is the Primal Fire. It is life. It gives life, it takes life. It heals, it curses. It pulses through us constantly, flowing from our very centers, carrying within it our very chemical makeup. It is the essence of the living.

 Now, I want you to picture a babbling brook. Big or small, it matters not. What is a stream? It runs through the earth. Like veins. Carrying the source of life through nature. Water. Life Giver, life taker. It heals, it curses. Constantly running, carrying within it the very essence of life. It is Spirit.

 Close your eyes and feel a gentle summer breeze blowing against your skin. This breeze, this soft whisper, streams throughout the entire world, constantly blowing. Carrying within it, oxygen. This element of Air is a Life giver, Life taker. It heals, it curses. It is Spirit.  

 With eyes closed, and a deep meditative breath, see in your minds eye, The Great Oak. It reaches high into the stars, and its roots run deep into oblivion. Those roots, carry the nutrients from the Earth into the Trees. When the tree dies, or sheds its leaves, they fall back to the earth. Great Mother Earth absorbs this death, and with it feeds new life. Earth. Life giver, life taker. It heals, it curses. It is Spirit.

 It is all Spirit.

 Within our bodies, we all carry a connective element to Spirit. Sure, we can all stand in the forest, or on the beach and breathe in Spirit. But how much time do we spend acknowledging Spirit within? Even that, we BREATHE IN SPIRIT, into our lungs which feeds our blood which feeds our bodies, and echos outward into our vibration.   We expel this air, and as women, we expel the blood. How many of us are completing this cycle and giving blood back to Spirit?

 We carry within our bodies a great power. Our blood is the most powerful tool in our magickal arsenal.  Blood Magick has received a bad reputation. It’s often thought of as black magic. Used to direct great force against someone. And its true, if you really want to do some damage, use blood in your work. But know that if its your blood you are using (and it better be) you will forever carry a piece of that working with you. For you are bound to it by blood.

 Blood offerings are nothing new. It is an age old practice that is still practiced in nearly all primitive societies and mystery religions. The Aztecs offered blood to the Sun God in reciprocation for the life that they believed was born from the spilt blood of Him. There is evidence that Predynastic Egypt offered blood to their Gods. It is a common ritual practice in nearly all ancient religions in one way or another.  The Catholic church still utilizes the blood offering in their mass. In the Eucharist, they offer both the body of Christ, and the blood of Christ, as the symbolic reminder of the life he gave to save his people. There has always been this need, this coaxing by an Unseen hand, to reciprocate and utilize our blood when dealing deeply with the Source.

 When we use our blood in our magickal workings, be it ritual or spell work, it is important that we don’t take this act lightly. It’s not a new found magickal wand to parade around. In spell work it should be saved for dire needs. A sick family member or the protection of a child. In ritual it really adds an intimate element to our communion with the Unseen.

 Please friends, do not misinterpreted my message for you here. I’m not encouraging you to engage in cutting yourselves. 99.999% of the time, in regards to blood magick, more is not better. Really just a few drops of blood from a prick of the finger on the left hand or the lips will do just fine. Make sure the instrument you use to do so is a CLEAN STERILE device. Diabetic lancets work well. If you are lucky to be a female, in most cases, you have 3-5 days a month with an ample supply. Store it if you want to, but in the fridge please, in a tightly sealed container.  

 In spell work you will use your blood drops perhaps to anoint a candle, or to seal a sigil. You might use it in a charm. But remember you are using your very life force, so you are forever bound to this work. Be mindful.

 In ritual, as an offering, you might add a drop or two of your blood to an incense, or add it to a bowl of blessed water. You may drop it onto the flame of a candle within a cauldron; the belly of the Mother. However you are guided to use it, attention and intention are of the at most importance.


 A Blood Ritual

 I’ve created this ritual for you to help you build the very important bond between your familiars/Spirit helpers/ Deities and yourself. In this ritual, you will offer a few drops of your blood, and open the creative flow of communing with Spirit.

 You will need:

 A bowl of water (not tap)

Pinch of Salt

A bell



Surgical Lancet

4 candles to represent the Four Corners, plus one single white candle on your altar.

Incense: Frankincense (note: You can use what ever you feel guided to use. If you are doing this ritual to a particular Deity, burn what is pertinent to them. Remember, we burn incense as offerings to the Spirits.)

 The Ritual:

Sprinkle the salt into the bowl of water and name it Blessed in the name of The Old Ones. Set your candles around your compass (circle) at the Four Directions. Set your bowl of water, pen, paper, lancet and bell in the center, along with a cushion to sit on if it’s a hard floor. You will be here a while.

 Begin by lighting the candle on your altar and light the incense from this candle (or with a match). Take a moment to center yourself by taking a few deep breaths. Take as much time as you need here to ground and focus on what you are about to do.

 When you are ready, begin to walk your compass in the direction of the Sun.

As you walk, feel the energy raise within you. You are raising the Serpent. The life force deep within the Earth. Feel it coursing through your veins.

 When you feel charged stop and face East and one by one Call the Directions forward and light its candle. Ask them to guide you and protect you in your circle.

 When the Directions are present, sit in the center of your space.   Breathe deeply, grounding yourself further in your intent. When you are ready, ring the bell to call forward those entities you wish to be present. State them clearly through invocation. Speak from your heart and be pure in your intent.

 With the corners and your desired Deities/ entities present, prick the middle finger of your left hand and state the following:

 “By drops of Blood doth feed thine flame

By blood and Oath I am bound

To seal the Serpents Kiss

Upon my fate

 My hearts desire;

 The Unseen guard me on my path

In sacred love, I walk the Ways

To destiny’s unknown.”

 Dip the pricked finger into the water and stir it with the Sun, nine times. With this same finger, mark your third eye in the sign of the equilateral cross and then the solar cross.

If you have an incantation to a particular Deity, now would be the time to recite it.

Now, in a relaxed position, sit, breathe and listen. Long deep breathes. Allow yourself to sink into a deep meditative state. I personally prefer not to do a guided meditation with this sort of offering. Rather, I allow those present to guide me (as they will). If you fell inclined, use the pen and paper for automatic writing while in this meditation, or use it to record what you saw or heard (or both) as soon as you come out of it and are grounded back to our reality.

When you are done, be sure to thank and dismiss those that you called forward. Thank and dismiss the Directions and close your circle respectively. Empty the bowl of water gently into the earth under a tree if you can.

 May many blessing be upon you on your journey.

 ~Seven Sisters


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