Dark Mother of the Forest of Fauna ~ A Channeling

Dark Mother of the Forest of Fauna ~ A Channeling
by Seven Sisters
O blessed One,
Gracious Mother of the Green
Who’s infant fauna grow wild in Her delights
Sacred Earth
Sacred Green
Tenacious is he who beckons you unguarded
Sacrificial Lamb does take its turn to thee
Blood of the roots of the trees do weep
Intricate life in ever growing patterns
Repeating their essence in eternal flow
I feel Her in this place
She tastes like Divine wine
The Mother
Only something so Unearthed
Can be Unseen
I feel them in every breath I take
I know them coursing through me and around
In this feral place
My heart beats
My soul cries out to the darkness
And They answer
“IF you want to know what its like to be free… Breathe.”  
“Blood is wine
Wine of my body
To drink of this, of death, of fear
It is by my Holy hand do you bleed.
Do you callously earn to rot?
What do you sew?
Here me now child
(I am) Mother of the Night
Starry seeds by candlelight
Silver plated guidance
Mother of all, discarded and sinned.”

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