At the cross roads we meet.

Betwixt and between,

At the threshold we are,

The woken.

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The Arte of Skull Candle Magick: Part 2 Binding

The Arte of Skull Candle Magick: Part 2 Binding

In part 2 we will be going over Binding and what it entails.   Skull Candle Magick is a great tool for general spellwork, binding, cursing... honestly the options are endless.   But now that you have a Skull Candle in your possession what do you do with it?   If you are doing any work regarding another and the intention is to curse or...

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A Witch in Love

But what is a love that is deeper than that of Spirit? They want us to love and experience our bodies.   Sex is a magick all of its own. Love is a powerful tool and a powerful experience, but perhaps wholeness resides within the space of love as opposed to being “in love” with another.

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How often we forget to simply breathe. Take a breath. Take a breather. Center yourself in Spirit with in and without. It’s easy to get caught into the cyclone of life with all of its stress and burdens. We are living in heavy times, but with in this heaviness, there is a call.

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